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This complete Q&A will explain how you can maximize your enjoyment of the on-line grocery store:

We shall explain, when exactly you will receive the shipment, and which products you would like to send differently from the rest of the order.

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Welcome to the on-line grocery store -
Who is Kosher4U?
Our site was founded about a decade ago, and since then we have loyally served thousands of European customers and vacationers coming to Europe.
Purchasing your food on our site saves you the need to carry it with you when you travel. The ordering system is simple, friendly and easy.
Why do you need us?
What are your vacation needs? How many vacationers will be with you? How long you will be away? These are all questions which are important to consider before you order.
Whether you are an individual, a family, a group, or staying at a hotel, you will always be able to order additional products during your stay. Our shipping conditions are explained below.
How does it Work?
Here is a brief and concise explanation of how to buy from Read and join the tens of thousands of happy customers.
How do I start to order?
Go to the website: - You will find a selection of groceries of all types, from fresh produce to Judaica, to frozen and refrigerated products to wines and spirits that range from the regular to the exclusive.
Choose from our selection of products, and add them to the virtual basket on your screen.
Have you finished choosing?
Pay for your purchase, make sure that the shipping details are correct - and the rest is up to us ...
When are you active?
Our site is active 24 hours a day, and your order will be processed when we open on the next trading day. Obviously, we are closed on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.
Hey, I have a question ...
Our website is in English, but feel free to ask any questions in any language that will come up during your order. We prefer if you contact us in English or Hebrew. We are also fluent in French, Dutch and Yiddish however it may take us a bit longer to respond to other languages.
Wait a minute, how will you send me the products?
We will pack your products carefully and send them with an international shipping company with which we have been working for many years. The shipping company will make sure to bring the package to your place of residence in Europe - in any EU Member State. Note: Switzerland is not a member of the European Union and there could be customs implications when importing into Switzerland. However, we can send your order to various border towns in Italy, Germany and others, bordering Switzerland.
If I order now, when will my shipment arrive?
The products can be shipped by standard delivery – or by express delivery for an extra charge. The arrival date of the shipment will vary according to the destination. For example, a regular delivery to Austria will take two days, and an express delivery will arrive the following day. Normal delivery to Italy will take two to three days, but express delivery will arrive the following day to most destinations in Italy. We prepare and send your order within one day after receiving it. E.g. if you made the order on Sunday evening, we will process it on Monday morning. Orders for fresh produce will only be shipped if the shipment reaches its destination by the end of the week. We do not send fresh produce if there is a risk they will be stuck in the delivery company's warehouses on inactive days.
And what happens if I order on weekends or not on a regular business day?
If you order fresh, refrigerated or frozen products, they will depart at the latest on Wednesday, so the shipment reaches its final destination by Friday. If you made such an order on Thursday, it will only be dispatched on the following Monday. Saturdays and Sundays are not working days in Europe, so shipments cannot be sent or received on these days. We do not ship on Fridays.
And if I ordered fresh products?
If you purchase fresh foods, we will pack them in a light weight cold box with special ice that keeps your food cold up to 48 hours. The shipment will be sent to you, but it is important to emphasize that these companies do not operate refrigerated vans!
And how will the products maintain proper temperature?
As noted, we will make sure to equip the carton with special ice to preserve the coolness and freshness of the product up to 48 hours from the date of shipment, but we cannot accept responsibility for circumstances beyond our control.
So ... who promises that the fresh products will be preserved?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the fresh product will indeed come cold and fresh, because it is beyond our control. We provide the maximum conditions for transporting the product with maximum effort to maintain freshness and coolness, but we cannot control the conditions of the shipment until it reaches its destination.
Got it, and what are the shipping prices?
Prices vary according to destination. For example, regular delivery to Austria will be charged EUR XX for the first YY kg and every additional ZZ kg will be charged EUR AA.
And there are express shipments?
In express delivery, the price will change for every BB kg of shipping, but the final price may be subject to local surcharges. Therefore, the final express shipping charge may be a bit higher than quoted when you order.
So, do you recommend sending the fresh products by Express?
Definitely. It will be more efficient if you make two separate orders: dry products to be shipped by standard delivery, and fresh, refrigerated or frozen products in a separate order will be shipped by express delivery. Please make sure to add only products that require refrigeration to the express order, because of the high difference in shipping prices.
How do I know where my package is?
Each customer receives a tracking number for his shipment and can monitor its whereabouts and date of delivery.
Where does the package arrive, my address or a package distribution station?
The customer must be present at the time the shipment arrives. However, in most destinations in Europe, you can request that your order be delivered to a local delivery center where you can collect it at your convenience. Disclaimer: we are not responsible, and we have no control over the activities of the shipping company. As a result, no refund will be given for delay in arrival of the shipment - without examining the question of who is to blame.
What are the kosher products you sell?
All of the products we sell are Kosher leMehadrin. Each product has a label indicating its country of origin, weight and Kashrut. All of the meats which we sell are Kosher Glatt-leMehadrin.
And ... if there is still a problem, are you available?
Our website is in English, but feel free to ask any questions that will come up during or after your order, in any language. We prefer if you contact us in English or Hebrew. We are also fluent in French, Dutch and Yiddish, however it may take us a bit longer to respond to other languages.